Press Kit

Band Bio

We’re group of talented Shetland musicians, who release our high octane maelstrom of feverish melodies on audiences throughout the islands, and beyond. We have a Shetland fiddle driven line-up, backed by a multi-punch packing rhythm section. Our repertoire is drawn from our own Shetland tradition as well as Nordic and Celtic influences.

Band Members

Ewen Thomson – Fiddle, Guitar
Lois Nicol – Fiddle
Maurice Henderson – Fiddle, Melodeon, Mandolin
Ross Couper – Fiddle
Helen Whitham – Fiddle
Stewart Grains – Fiddle
Mark Laurenson – Fiddle, Mandolin
Grant Nicol – Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Drone Mandola
John Clark – Bass, Banjo, Mandolin
Davie Jamieson – Drums/ Percussion
Peter Wood – Piano


Festival highlight… Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag… they whipped a packed room into a frenzy.  Shetland Times @ Shetland Folk Festival

Fullsceilidh (try saying it) Spelemannslag, who closed the opening night’s show with a glorious massed-fiddles rammy… Sue Wilson @ Shetland Folk Festival

Fullsceilidh were in full flow and the audience were captured by their impressive sound, their ability to play at a remarkable speed… Fullsceilidh played exceptionally well indeed. Their lively, energetic sound was reflected with rapturous applause from the audience.  Shetland Times @ Shetland Folk Festival

Sitting in the hall you could feel the tension of hundreds of toe-tapping revelers itching to boogie.  A few tunes later and the dance floor head count went from nought to sixty in as many seconds.  Soon it was packed and a sudden throbbing heat had filled the room.  Karen Emslie @ Shetland Folk Festival